Sherrelwood Chiropractor

Dr. Hovendon reviews an xray with a patient for the recommended chiropractic treatment plan.
Dr. Chris reviews an x-ray with a patient from Sherrelwood for her recommended chiropractic treatment plan.

Sherrelwood, a smaller community known for its diversity and strong sense of community, is a place where residents value health and togetherness.

As a chiropractor serving Sherrelwood, BMC Family Chiropractic engages with a community that appreciates a balance of fun and holistic health care. The close-knit nature of Sherrelwood allows BMC to form lasting relationships with our patients, understanding their unique lifestyles and providing care that enhances their well-being.

In Sherrelwood, chiropractic care goes beyond treatment—it’s about contributing to a community that cares for each other. Having watched our son play Little League games at Bishop Fields or enjoying the excitement of Podium Kart Racing with other city members, Sherrelwood has proven how connected a community can be and at BMC we aim to create that type of community feel within our practice!

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