What to Expect

Chiropractic Care in Colorado

1st Visit

After reviewing your required New Patient Paperwork, Dr. Chris will sit-down with you for a detailed consultation and exam. He will take his time to listen to your concerns, while he gathers a detailed history of what is bringing you in. X-Rays are taken (pregnant women and children excluded) and reviewed, same day. If appropriate and safe, Dr. Chris will then provide a relief treatment. Before leaving, Dr. Chris will go over what to expect at your next visit and answer any questions you might have. Your 2nd visit, also known as your Report of Findings, will be scheduled at the end of your appointment.

Spine and neck chiropractic care in Colorado

2nd Visit

We have a plan and want to share it with you! During your 2nd visit, Dr. Chris will go over his Report of Findings, which he has created specifically for you. He will answer, in detail, any questions you might have, review your treatment plan and include all options for care. If you are ready for care, you will receive your first adjustment and any necessary therapies. Your next regular visit will be scheduled at the end of your appointment.

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Regular Visits

Congratulations, because regular visits mean you are on a path to feeling your best! During your scheduled appointment, Dr. Chris will review how you’ve been feeling since your last treatment, adjust and provide therapies based on your own personalized plan, and answer any questions you might have. Your next appointment is scheduled at the end of each visit.

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Maintenance Visits

Hopefully by this point, you feel amazing. Let’s keep it that way! Like so many things in life, consistency is key, so once your treatment plan is finished Dr. Chris will recommend an individualized maintenance plan that keeps your body functioning at its best. No Contract Memberships are offered to those who have completed their treatment plan and vary in visits and price.

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