Patient Reviews

Our biggest honor is when our patients are excited to tell others about their experience. Below are some of our awesome patients who wanted to share with you how they feel about our practice and what you can expect when you come in to see us!

"Myself, my wife, and my infant children have all been to Dr. Chris for help, and he has worked wonders for us. He is wonderful with the kids, and has helped us all out. I would highly recommend Dr. Chris to anyone seeking chiropractic help, especially for children!"   Tim C.

"Dr. Chris is the best! Can always pop in for an adjustment and be greeted by his kind smile! Thanks for everything doc!"    Brian O.

"Dr. Chris is the man! I have serious issues with my spine from my service in the Marines. He takes time to know what is going on and wants to treat the issue, not temporarily fix it so you have to keep coming back. I highly recommend BMC Family Chiropractic and Dr. Chris. My entire family (even my ex-wife) go see him now. That says a lot."     Justin S.

"Best chiro. He works with any income, condition. Takes time with his patients and is effective!"   Sarah G.

"Dr Hovendon is an amazing chiropractor!!! He truly cares for his patients. I feel great every time that he works on me! You should definitely check his office out if you like feeling healthier!!!"     Dr. Brian F.

"Dr. Chris has made a huge impact on not only my life, but my son's as well. I was in chronic pain everyday for the last three years and in the last three months that I have been getting adjusted regularly, I have felt great! At my first visit, I mentioned my son's common ear infections and Dr. Chris said he could help. I couldn't believe it but my son has never been healthier and I give credit to Dr. Chris! Angelo and I love him and look forward to having Dr. Chris as our chiropractor for as long as he practices!"    Rene R.

"This place is awesome! I went in two weeks ago when I was feeling sick and couldn't sleep well because my back was hurting from all the bed rest. Fixed me up right as rain! I'm going back today!"    Glenn G.

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