Common Conditions Seen in Our Office

There is no magic button to cure bedwetting. Unfortunately many children suffer from this and may feel some shame or embarrassment. Fortunately, in some cases, chiropractic care and specifically treatment of the low back area can help remove interference and allow the body to function normally. There are many cases of children gaining freedom from bedwetting after visiting their chiropractor.

Many people don't look at being born as being traumatic, but in many cases birth is the first trauma experience for a newborn. This is not to mention being in a very small space for an extended period of time. Some signs of birth trauma could be fussiness, torticollis (when the head is flexed and rotated to a specific side), and breastfeeding difficulties. Chiropractic can help make sure that these little spines are in perfect alignment. Using no more pressure than you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato, we can help ensure that your little one begins life with a properly functioning nervous system!

Growing a tiny human is no small feat and boy does it cause havoc on mom's body. Changing of the center of gravity, release of the hormone relaxin that allows for things to "shift" and just plain being uncomfortable are all things that may lead a mom to be to our office. Dr. Chris is one of only two Webster Technique Certified chiropractors in Westminster.

Does your little one love to eat from one side and not the other? In many of these cases there is some birth trauma that is preventing he/she from having normal range of motion of the neck to one side. Or perhaps your little one has trouble latching. Chiropractic is incredibly safe and effective at removing the interference that is responsible for these issues.

Ear Infections

Did you know your child's eustachian tubes get their nerve supply from the upper part of their neck? When these nerves are not working as they should be, they can allow fluid to build up in the ears, leading to infection. Most ear infections are caused by a virus and therefore anti-biotics are not an appropriate treatment. While ear infections may be common, they are never normal for little ones.


Colic is described as unexplained fussiness, in which there is no known cause. Common characteristics include sudden onset of crying, stomach bloating, and drawing of the legs toward the chest. These episodes typically happen in the late afternoon or evening time period. Removing subluxations in the baby's spine can help ensure that their nervous system is allowed to function as it is designed to, which can help alleviate some of the discomfort these little ones have to deal with.


Does your little one have a hard time going? Kids who visit their chiropractor have a seen a positive correlation between getting adjusted and having a bowel movement shortly thereafter. The nerves of the low back and sacrum provide the nerve supply to that part of the digestive tract, that is responsible for movement of the bowels. Restoring normal nerve function allows for normal bowel function!

Reflux/Spitting up

Did you know the nerves that help control your stomach come from the mid-back? It's no surprise then that when patients, big and small, come to our office with reflux symptoms there is generally subluxations found in their mid-back. 


While there are many different types of headaches, the most common one we see are caused by issues stemming from the neck. By restoring normal motion within the cervical spine we can help eliminate a potential cause of this type of headache. We have also been able to help with migraine sufferers, whether they have noticed a decrease in frequency or duration of their migraines.


While we don't directly treat any specific condition, by allowing the nervous system to function properly, patients often experience relief in both asthma and allergy symptoms.

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