Why Chiropractic?

This question gets thrown around a lot. In fact, this is the very question that I asked myself before I ever saw my first chiropractor, Dr. Zanetti. While in high school, I injured my neck playing football. The injury prevented me from holding my arm above my head and as a strong active teenage boy, this definitely had some serious repercussions. After visits to the ortho and neurologist that ended my football career, I was sent to see a physical therapist. After weeks of PT, I was no closer to my goal of normal function. Then a friend suggested I see a chiropractor, to which I of course responded with the above question. Like others, I didn't know any better. I didn't know that chiropractors helped restore normal function to the body. I didn't know that by removing nervous interference from the body, the body would be able to heal itself. I didn't know that a lack of motion within the spine would affect the nerves in my arm. Simply put, I didn't know anything about chiropractic or how it could help me. All I did know, was that I was tired of my arm not functioning the way I wanted it to.

Fortunately, Dr. Zanetti's office was at the end of the street that I grew up on and my mom took me there one day after school and that is where I first learned what a subluxation was. It was the place where I received my first specific chiropractic adjustment. More importantly, it was the place where after two adjustments, my arm began to work "normally". Shortly after my trip to the chiropractor, I was released from PT due to my "sudden response" to care. So why chiropractic? Perhaps the better answer is why not? Why not try a different approach to your health. One that utilizes the natural healing powers of the body. One whose focus is to increase the normal function of the body. One that allowed me to feel my very best and can help you feel your very best too.

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