Moms to Be

Taking care of a mom to be is truly an amazing honor. I saw first hand with my wife, Marissa, how beneficial chiropractic can be for a pregnant mom. I also saw how necessary chiropractic can be for a mom to be. Growing a human is not easy and it can create havoc on the body. Whether it is due to the growing human or the changes the body makes to accommodate the growing child, mom's body goes through quite the traumatic experience. It is also one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring experiences that we can witness. 

Using the Webster Technique to help moms is quite an exquisite thing. If you haven't heard of the Webster Technique let me explain. It is a technique designed to identify and correct pelvic/sacral subluxations that can create discomfort for the mom and increase stress in the mom's body. To put it in lay terms, the mom's pelvis is like a circle. Due to incorrect positioning, this opening of the circle can become distorted, which decreases the size of the circle, thereby creating increased stress on the mom's body. This incorrect positioning can also create discomfort in the mom, as certain soft tissues are affected as well. By using the Webster Technique, we can correctly identify where the subluxation (malposition) is located and more importantly, correct the subluxation.


Many people believe that the Webster Technique is a breech baby turning technique and this is absolutely incorrect. While a breech baby may turn after the Webster Technique has been performed, the chiropractor is not causing that or doing anything with the baby. Instead the mom's body is being placed into the proper position that helps to remove stress and allows her body to function as it is supposed to. By correcting the mom's subluxations, it allows her body to do what it is designed to do and ultimately feel her best!

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