Kids and Chiropractic

A common question asked is when should someone bring their child in to the office? I always tell the person that while I am completely biased, I truly believe the answer is right when they are born. After the shock leaves their face they always ask why a newborn would need to be adjusted. I then simply ask them if they have ever seen an actual delivery and if so if they would like me to pull and twist their head like we do to babies being born. Undoubtedly the answer is no and they begin to understand that being born is no easy task!


I also ask people if they've ever watched a toddler learn to walk. Most have and can remember how much those kiddos fall and tumble. Again, learning to walk is not the easiest of things but almost every kid is determined to learn as quickly as possible. This means lots and lots of falling.


We don't say these things to say that every single child needs to be adjusted, we say these things to show that every child needs to be checked for an adjustment. There is nothing better than checking a child who is not in need of an adjustment and instead we get to love on them a little! The above is simply an easy to understand reasoning of the importance of checking your child, in order to ensure that they continue to grow and progress without nervous interference. 


If there are specific symptoms that your child is happening, chiropractic care does a great job of allowing the body to return to a state of normal function, in which these symptoms may disappear on their own. It is important to remember that chiropractic care does not treat any specific condition. Unfortunately there is not an adjustment for each and every condition. There is however research that shows that symptoms do improve while under chiropractic care. Think of it as the side effects of chiropractic, things just get better.


If you have any questions regarding chiropractic care and your child, do not hesitate to ask Dr. Chris. As an ICPA trained pediatric chiropractor, he as advanced training in taking care of children and common childhood complaints. 

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