X-Ray Results

Do you require x-rays in your office?

Unless pregnant or a young child, we do require x-rays and take them onsite. A picture of your spine provides the doc with the opportunity to evaluate the spine prior to your first adjustment.

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I have some questions. When is the best time to ask those?

The answer is now! The doc wants you to feel both comfortable and informed during each and every visit. So throw those questions at him, he's ready!


Which technique does the doc use in his office?

Diversified is the most common adjustment technique used in our office and most offices today.  The doc can also use a number of other adjustment techniques, if necessary.

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Does is hurt when I get adjusted?

Most adjustments do not hurt at all and in most instances provide relief. From time to time though, areas of soreness or a partcular of point of contact could cause a short period of discomfort. 

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Will an adjustment completely remove my back pain?

Consistent adjustments allow the body to begin healing faster, resulting in reduction of pain. In certain cases where issues do not  resolve entirely, Dr. Chris will recommend alternative options/therapies with professionals, in their areas of expertise. 


Can I see a chiropractor when I am pregnant?

Absolutely! Getting adjusted while pregnant is not only safe, but can help both you and your growing baby in so many ways. Dr. Chris specializes in peri-natal chiropractic treatments and is certified in Webster Technique. 

Reflexology Therapy

What areas, beyond the spine, can you help treat?

While a misalignment in the spine can often cause discomfort in others areas of the body, sometimes the joints and tissues need a bit more. Dr. Chris can work with these areas beyond the spine, to help restore normal motion where it's needed. 

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What about my kids, can they get adjusted too?

Yes! Chiropractic is wonderful for childen. Research shows it is extremely safe and can help with a variety of childhood issues, These range from colic to chronic ear infections to digestion.

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How many chiropractic sessions will I need?

Your body and your needs are different than anyone elses. With this in mind, Dr. Chris creates a customized treatment plan specifically  designed for you.  

For more information on your visits, please refer to our Office Visits page. 

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Does your office take my insurance?

Our office is Out-of-Network with all insurance companies, but we are always happy to check your benefits and review your coverage with you. 

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How much is a treatment plan going to cost me?

Costs are based on the type of visit (exam vs. plan) and on your individualized treatment plan. All plans are recommend and are never under contract Payment options and insurance benefits are reviewed during your Report of Finidings. 

Cleaning Supplies

What safety protocols are you currently using in your office ?

Keeping you safe is so important to us. Currently we are following all recommended guidelines including; scheduled appointments, thorough cleanings between patients, office air filters, medical grade masks and hand-sanitizer ready for you at our front desk.