Have questions about our office or chiropractic? Maybe others do as well. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.


1. Does chiropractic hurt?


No. The actual adjustment is not painful, in fact most people love how it feels and especially how they feel afterward.


2. If I get adjusted, will I have to keep coming back forever?


No. Patients choose to enjoy regular adjustments because they realize how much better their bodies feel being properly aligned.


3. Do you take insurance?


Yes. We work with all types of insurance.

4. Does chiropractic treat specific conditions?


No. Chiropractic focuses on the removal of subluxations or nervous interference in the spine, so that the body can function at its optimal level. There is not a specific adjustment for specific conditions. Instead, the body is able to heal itself as best as it can when all nervous interference is removed from the spine and body.


5. My knee hurts, how can chiropractic help that?


We can not only adjust the knee, but we will also look and see if the knee is a symptom rather than the cause. Many times, a misaligned spine will cause symptoms elsewhere in the body, due to the body attempting to adapt to the spinal misalignment.


6. Can kids be adjusted?


Yes. Kids can be adjusted from the time they are born. In fact, the birthing process is one of the first types of trauma that we encounter as humans. With how much kids fall down and suffer bumps and bruises, Chiropractic is essential in helping them grow into healthy adults.


7. Do I have to schedule an appointment? 


No, they are not required. We value our patients time and therefore understand that sometimes an appointment time does not work. You can drop in during our normal hours and be seen by Dr. Chris.


8. Can I be adjusted while I am pregnant? 


Yes! During pregnancy, the body releases a hormone, relaxin, that can cause mis-alignments in the pelvis. Chiropractic can help re-align the pelvis, thereby providing relief for the mother, while also maintaining the maximum room for the developing baby.


9. Will I need to reschedule if I am sick?


NO. Research has shown that Chiropractic can help boost patients immunity. We clean all surfaces with disinfectant after an ill patient.

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