As we are a family practice, we love taking care of adults as well. Most of us can agree when you reach a certain age you begin to "feel" some of the previous things that you have subjected yourself to. Or perhaps there is something that you are currently doing now that is creating certain issues. 

At BMC, we try to focus on what is right with the body, but we also understand that in most cases what is wrong is what is bringing you in. Whether it is a stiff neck, low back pain or even sciatica, we understand your first goal is to remove the offending issue. Our goal is to help your body achieve that relief that as quickly as possible, but we will always strive to get you to an even better place! A place in which you don't have to worry about a chronic issue or a nagging pain. A place where you can focus on your overall health and do those things that you may have been putting off. A lot of times our patients come in with some pretty big goals of what they want to do when they feel better and that is what we love to hear. It's always our honor and pleasure to help those same patients reach those goals and see the joy the have when those goals are finally met!

Have a goal that you are trying to work toward? We'd love to help!

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